Nunga (Hello)!
We are Wiltya Vari.

We are a joint venture between the 100% Indigenous-owned engineering and fabrication company, WilsonCo and recruitment agency, Diverso Resources.

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Our services


Through our partnership with NASA Wear we are able to meet all your apparel needs from safety wear to corporate attire. We offer embroidery, screen printing, direct to film, direct to garment and sublimation. 

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Engineering and fabrication

Wiltya Vari excels in providing comprehensive engineering and fabrication services, specialising in structural steel, metalwork, and compliance with stringent industry standards, while also prioritising customer satisfaction and precision in craftsmanship.

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We offer tailored nationally accredited training programs in collaboration with Adelaide Safety Training, designed to nurture both fundamental and advanced skills essential for success in today's workforce.

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With a special focus on promoting Indigenous and diverse employment across different industries, we ensure that the talent we provide aligns perfectly with the specific needs of our clients, fostering long-lasting relationships along the way.

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What sets us apart

Precision in engineering and fabrication

Our commitment to precision is embedded in every facet of our engineering and fabrication services. Our dedicated team, well-versed in the intricacies of custom metal components, structural steel fabrication, and architectural metalwork, adheres rigorously to compliance standards.

Dedication to sustainability

By integrating cutting-edge technology and advanced machinery from suppliers with a focus on tech-driven solutions, we ensure that sustainability is seamlessly woven into every aspect of our core operations, offering more than just convenience but a conscious choice for partners.

Extensive experience

Drawing on extensive practical experience in both engineering and recruitment, coupled with the profound business acumen of our directors, Wiltya Vari operates on a robust foundation of technical knowledge. This combination empowers us to effectively undertake and deliver projects of varying scales, from small to large.

Prime location in SA

Our workshop is strategically located for efficiency and accessibility. Being in close proximity to the CBD ensures convenient transportation, attracting premier talent from across Adelaide. Additionally, we operate an office in Olympic Dam, extending our reach and capabilities.

Cutting-edge technology

Our cutting-edge WH&S (Work Health and Safety) software places us at the forefront of compliance. Through our connections in the Apeirogon Group, we stay updated on the latest business technology solutions, leveraging them effectively to ensure our practices align with the most current industry standards.

Apeirogon Group

Wiltya Vari is a proud member of the Apeirogon Group. Through this collaboration, we gain access to cutting-edge technology and consulting resources. This collaboration integrates artificial intelligence into our recruitment processes, enhancing candidate vetting.


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